Thanks for your kind comments of appreciation: 2014:

* * *  GEAR‘s 7th BIRTHDAY  * * *
"That was awesome :-) " / "A very good night" / "Yet another triumph!! Thank you guys !! xx" /
"had a FANTASTIC evening but my nipples are rather sore now!!" / " Excellent night at Gear last night"
"lots of new faces tonight" /
"i went to a fetish party!!! i need it ever so often!"
"It was a great evening - thank you" / " And the cake tasted amazing guys :-)"
" It was a great night .... possibly the best yet. Great mix and lots for everyone."
"That's how you do Sundays. 1 venue, 150 men, more leather than a shoe shop, more rubber than
staples and more jockstraps than a sports teams changing room grrrrr."  /
"Well done."
"Thanks to James and The Team for another great night at Gear Bristol last night, a very busy one too!"
"thanks ever so much for the fab party best yet." / "Thank You Thank You For A VERY FANTASTIC Night!!!!!"
"Thanks to you and your team for a great night. I think it had to be one of the best and certainly
worth coming home from Cornwall early for."

"You provide a safe and friendly environment and something the London clubs could learn a lot from."
"Thanks again and happy new year" / "Thanks  for yet another great party night!! I'm exhausted"
"I would like to thank you all for supporting us here and looking forward to seeing you all in the new year"
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
“Wicked night again guys” / “Was great to see an increase in younger rubber guys at Gear last night.”
“It was brilliant, and the new guys, and the regulars made my weekend.” /
“Interesting night.”
“Yep that was fun “ /
“Missed a few years but some old mates still there and loads of new guys!”
“What a hot and horny venue! What a hot and horny crowd! Hot and horny play!”
“I just thought I'd drop you a line to say a big thanks for a great night out on Sunday at Gear! “
“It was such a relief to find somewhere really horny to go to after moving to the South West last year -
and dare I say it, minus the London attitude” /
“Had a lovely time at Gear”
“it was probably more fun than my old stomping ground in London -  I'll certainly be a regular”
“Must have been a good night as my nipples twinge under my shirt”
“It was a great night - and reminded me of just how much fun the Gear nights can be. More so than any
other event or venue I've had the pleasure to play in. The organiser is brilliant for doing it all so well!"
“Had a great night out in Bristol it was very um sweaty, steamy but with good sights and sounds."
"Thanks for a Fab night again" / "Nearly lost in the maze!" / "I thoroughly enjoyed going out in my kit"
"Gear at the sauna was fun - very social on the ground floor, with lots of community networking"
"Great atmosphere at Gear" / "it was a great night" / "compares well with anywhere i've been in europe!"
* * *  GEAR‘s NEW VENUE  * * *
"Thanks for a great evening" / " Best night in ages thanks a lot see you next month!" /
“It was really busy!" / "Just had the most wonderful time at Gear.. Grrr" / "The new venue was brilliant!"
"Had a fantastic evening,”  / “Horny, sexy, hunk, leather, rubber" /  "Congratulations to the Gear team"
"Great evening and new venue. Will dress accordingly next month" /
"I had a great night, thanks" /
"It was fun, lots going on and seems it's going to be a great success “ /
"The vibe was certainly
different & a lot more exclusive play than was possible at the previous venue"
"Had a very good time thank you - say no more :-)"
"All in all it has great potential, and really does offer something for everyone."
"It was a good night and a good venue, I thought. Looking forward to the next one already!"
* * *  GEAR‘s HIATUS  * * *
"Good to hear that Gear is still on...but a quick question the new venue in the same area as before,
i.e, Old Market ?" [YES!] /
"Sounds awfully like a sauna which is perfect. Can't wait to see the new venue"
"You must have been through a very difficult period of adjustment regarding a new home for GEAR."
"Well done in finding somewhere. I have Sunday 15th June pencilled into my book!!"
"Thank you for the update!!" / "you're more successful than some of the clubs I have been to in London"
"well done for finding a new venue for Gear" / "i'm so looking forward to seeing you all later this month!"
"glad to hear new venue sorted  also good too hear about the wet area cant wait"
"Live out some of your fantasy's in a safe non-judgemental environment." / "Good luck with everything!"
"Your newsletter had me salivating for sight of Gear's new venue" /
"sounds exciting!" / "Fantastic news!!!"
"I love going it's such a relaxed fun night out. What more could you want :-) "
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
“Another great Night at Gear” /
“a brilliant April Gear.......and so many new faces......terrific mate !!”
“ Thanks as always to you and the boys for organising and doing so much for us all.”
“Great night thanks, really good to get out in my rubber and feel normal around friendly people”
“It was a great evening Catch up soon” / “Had a great night out, shame i'm not in Bristol more often WAGS”
“my second visit and it was fantastic, really enjoyed myself. cant wait for next month now!”
“Thanks for a good night last Sunday.” / “Thanks for a great night as usual, looking forward to next month.”
“Thank you Sooo much for a fantastic first night for me! i loved it. i will deffo be coming back for more!!”
“Quite an interesting Gear last night for a Mature Player! Still had a few horny encounters!”
“Hey just want to say a big thank you for last night had a really great time, was great to see everyone again”
“Last night was good. .will be back next month” / “A happy atmosphere I thought last night.”
“Thanks again as it was a fantastic night and we got to chat to a lot of new people”
“amazing turnout for January!” /  “Another good night at Gear”
“Great time last nice guys, very warm and friendly crowd, see you next time”
“Special thanks to all your team too who do a great job.”
“Rather enjoyed Gear Bristol last night. Met quite a few friends from the past and some newer ones.”
“Busy, friendly and RubberPup also enjoyed his new suit and being with his new Master!!!”