Thanks for your kind comments of appreciation: 2013:

* * *  GEAR‘s 6th BIRTHDAY  * * *
“The cake was wonderful theatre and sumptuous eating. Thanks” / “i had great time at gear “
“Many thanks for a brilliant night, and that wonderful cake. Tasted as good as it looked.”
“and what a tasty cake it was to cheers guys” / “thank you for last night”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the tasty treats on offer ... and the cake was knock-out.”
“Great night at Gear. Good to see so many in rubber, although I was in leather“
“The guys rocked the party, the rubber and leather just rocked it even more.”
“Thank you for all the excellent organisation & hard work that you do !”
“Excellent night thank you I can imagine just how much work went into the preparation
let alone the clearing up! So thank you and a Happy new year. “
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
“Really looking forward to rubber night this weekend.” / “Many thanks for a splendid evening!!“
“Always enjoy Gear as it is very relaxed, welcoming and I don´t feel I am being ripped off as I do
at some ‘commercial’´venues.” /
“Well done again to you and the team for providing a much-needed
opportunity for those of us who like a pint , the option to socialise, and indulge our animal instincts!”
“Many guys like to wear a rubber and leather combination, even with camo gear too”
“Thanks for a great night guys, finally popped my Gear-cherry and really enjoyed my first visit..”
“I didn't venture any further than the bar this time! LOL.. I will definitely be back! :-) “
“Was an awesome night - was just what I needed “ / “Great night - thanks!”
“Had a great night last night. looking forward to the birthday party now I’ve got my ticket!”
“A great night, and so diverse. Lots for everyone to enjoy, thanks” / “Shining the new rubber
suit was a highlight too. We just had to make sure every area had the gun oil rubbed in well!”
“I was only there just over an hour as had to travel back home but loved my first visit”
“Thanks, it was a great night. Really enjoyed being around all the guys in my new gear.”
“Many guys like to wear a rubber and leather combination, even with camo gear too”
“Hi enjoyed gear last week keep up the good work” / “Thanks for another great night
on Sunday, it was worth the drive up from W Wales and back, as always.”
“A big hello to you and the team, and a big thanks for the GEAR nights!”
“Once again a big thumbs up to you and the team for doing such a good job.”
“Just wanted to thank you for a good evening and a great venue.. It works really well”
“Yes I had fun on Sunday night. I will be coming again!” / “I'll be sure to keep April's date free.”
“So - the Gear Boys worked their magic again, this month painting most of the homo-flesh
in the Old
Market RED! Young guys learning what fetish, flaunting and f***ing are;
older guys revisiting that happy time when sex was their religion.” /
“thanks to you guys too”
“Once again courtesy & charm marked the welcome at the door; and your cute bespectacled
newbie was not shy in the cruising areas.” /
“yeh was good to meet you guys at last”
“Yet another good night cheers. Nice venue not too big “ / “Thanks again... Had a great night at Gear“
“Gear was great last night, I've noticed more and more rubber being worn - Ha! we'll beat those
leather guys yet!” /
“Great to see everyone at Gear last night”
"Really good turnout considering the Big Freeze.........and a load of really hot 'n horny guys !!"
"Thanks so much for another brilliant night.......Gear has become totally unmissable !!"
"Thank you gents for another great social and horny evening." /  "loved every minute of it"
"Lots of friendly faces and great atmosphere. And a few sexy Kilts to boot."
"Can’t wait for the next one !!" / "Got home safely. Glad the snow did not stop play."
"2 friends of mine came for the 1st time, said they really enjoyed it and the people were really nice"