Thanks for your kind comments of appreciation: 2012:

* * *  GEAR‘s 5th BIRTHDAY  * * *
"A great event and grand occasion to mark Gear's birthday" / "It was a truly exceptional night!"
"What an amazing night at Gear" /
"The play area was rather busy and I was 'rather busy' too"
"Thank you for a wonderful nite - best ever" /
"A great evening... thanks" / "I enjoyed Gear also"
"That was a cracking night at Gear. I had not seen that many hot and horny guys at the venue before."
"Good to see so many rubber guys - I reckon we out numbered the leather guys!"
"I had an amazing time at Gear this Sunday! Thanks to everyone for such a great party!"
"Brilliant night at Gear Bristol and then the after-party at The Den - well done guys"
"Huge thanks to James, Phil, Trevor & Andy. You guys certainly know how to put on a horny night"
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
"Thanks for organising such a brilliant night !! My first visit to Gear. .. can't imagine missing one in future"
"Keep up the good work......greatly appreciated !" / "another good one last night - thank you!"
"It was a great night, we did have fun! See u there next time" /
"thanks for another great evening”
* * *  GEAR GUY 2012  * * *
“Can I say a big thank you to everyone who were so friendly and said hello etc.”
“First night ever to Gear and. Great mix of people. First outing for my leathers too :-)”
“another great night last night and the best Man won too!” / “Had a great time thanks!”
“Thanks for organising last night.” /
“Great to see you too. Really enjoyed it!”
“for the time i was there i really enjoy myself, to be in the company of people.”  
“I was glad numbers were back to normal. There seemed to be a palpable air of expectancy
that broke while the Mr Gear 2012 was being judged.” /
“Thanks guys. I had a great night”
“Thanks for an enjoyable evening yesterday. Your temporary venue really does work well!”
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
"I was surprised by Gear, very different but in a very good way - I'll be back soon!"
"I would like to thank you for making me welcome at my 1st Gear. You were all so lovely"
"Thanks for a great Sunday last - I had the best time with a great bunch of guys"
"I hope you (and the team) had a good nite. Everyone else did! What a transformation though!"
"WUUFF!! just wanted to say a very VERY big thank you for last night. Most of all, it was wonderful to
receive such an enthusiastic and friendly welcome from you (and wow, what a beautiful kilt!!)."  
"A big thank you to you for another great evening, last night!" / "the guys at Gear are always so friendly"
"thanks for a great night on sunday" /
"You're right going to a fetish night for the first time is daunting.
But I remember my first time visiting your club early last year as soon as I walked through the door
someone spoke to me and Introduced to a couple of other regulars and I was made to feel
most welcome and that was even before I got changed"