Thanks for your kind comments of appreciation: 2011:

* * *  GEAR‘s 4th BIRTHDAY  * * *
"Great night as always!! Thanks guys!" / "Had a great night. Thanks again for organising such a good one"
"rubber did edge out the leather crowd - just shows you how strong the fetish community is in Bristol!"
"Thanks for a great night" / "Woohoo! Finally I'm at one of your events and it's fantastic. Well done GEAR I say"
"Awesome night, well done!" / "Had a wicked time last night! thank you all for being so welcoming"
"Thanks to all for putting on yet another good night" /
"had a great night, met some great guys"  
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
"Just wanted to say thanks for a great day out  had a fantastic time " / "Thanks guys for a great event last night!!”
"Just to say that the first and only time I have visited Gear so far, when I enrolled as a member, was excellent."
"Gear ... was well worth the effort as it proved to be one of the best and satisfying nights I have had in a club."
"I had a great time on Sunday as usual ... you still managed to pull off the normal great 'Gear atmosphere' "
*   *   *   *   B   L   U   F   *   *   *   *
"Had a Gr8 weekend. BLUF Bristol @ Gear on Friday then BBB in leathers on sat and lunch in the OMT on Sun!"
"Great night last night never seen it so packed since I started coming up" / "I had a really great evening."
"Am guessing a lot of hard work went into it and i just wanted you all to know it was appreciated!!! Cheers "
"A fantastic night, beyond expectations. Thanks to everyone for making it a great night."
"Echo all the thanks and appreciation for a great night . Long may the event continue."
"Thanks to the guys for organising the night; good to see so many people getting into their gear outside London"
"Great night guys. Big thanks to [Gear] and [BLUF] for all their hard work which evidently paid off.
More horny leathermen than I could shake my stick at. Tho I tried."  /
"Indeed it was a fantastic night."
"Great to see all the leather men walking through the streets of Bristol to OMT
and BBB then the main event which was a leatherfest of BLUF men from all over the UK"
"Leaving Bristol refreshed invigorated and with a big dirty grin. Memories of a great bluf night to sustain me
on the journey" /
"Great to see all the regulars as well as heaps of visitors. Look forward to next one"
"Yes a big thank you for a really great night. I guess it was the busiest night ever for Gear. "
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
" Hey guys - thanks for organising/staffing an awesome night in GEAR last night"
"Thanks for a good night again" / "was interesting, things I never knew to look out for. cute guys too"
"Well done with Gear had a great night there last week, great to see a real dress code club outside london"
"it was great venue, and was just right temp as well -some clubs are too hot for full rubber but that was just great"
"Well done for a great night on Fri, my mate from XXX had a great time!" / "Well done! Another triumphant Gear"
"Just like to thank you for a brilliant night last night. Next month I'm gonna book a hotel to make a weekend of it!"
"Great night on friday" / "First time for me in a leather bar. loved it and will be back for more."
"Wow!!!! what a night. I really enjoyed last night" / "Lighting was better ... and music was louder"
"I would like to say that I felt there were big improvements since our last visit at Christmas.”
"Great night last Friday!!" / "Top night, and that's my [sore] tits talking"
"Had a great night at Gear" /
"Thanks for managing to assemble such a crowd of sexy men"
"Was a good night, enjoyed meeting u all. Will definitely try and come down again sometime "
"Made me feel hot again, I was very popular in the venue"