Thanks for your kind comments of appreciation: 2015:

“Thanks for the amazing evening on Sunday. It was packed with sexy guys. Best one so far! Great to see some younger, and very eager fit lads too. Organisation and atmosphere are superb. Location is perfect.”

“Another great night @GEARbristol .. thanks :) #ThingsBeginningWithC ”
“One of the best Gear nights, I missed August, so not sure what the layout was then, but Sunday was an amazing improvement and much more conducive to play. I felt it really was the best use of the space.”
“Thank you for sharing my birthday - another sexy and friendly night. GEAR goes from strength to strength”
“I just wanted to say that I was SO impressed with the GEAR evening in August and its new venue which is amazing. The club is well laid out, intimately lit, with plenty of ambient nooks and crannies to play in. I was SO impressed by the cleanliness, and the friendliness therein. I wanted to voice my appreciation and consider that Bristol should be proud to herald this space because it is a venue that is nigh on perfect for this kind of fetish event in the West's monthly calendar. Bristol has a no1 fetish night to offer. You will certainly have my support.”
“I made the effort to go out - made a nice change, good to see some familiar faces and it turned into a
very interesting evening for all the right reasons!” /
“Thanks for party was great fun”
“Very nice venue and excellent atmosphere : also the lighting gets my vote!”
“Thank you very much for last night. Love the speedos” / “It was another excellent night.
Thank you James and the rest of the team. Also the very friendly bar men at the Shilling”
“And a Big Thank You to our Host for supplying the Sleaze!!” / “I've been to Berlin over the summer and
I have to say what you provide in Bristol matches the quality of the German fetish bars - very well done”
“A good night at the QS!! Thanks for all that you do for us.” / "Some sexy sports kits to play with!"
"It was my first time on Sunday and I had the best time for a very long time. Many thanks for organising it.
Venue, guys, atmosphere, everything was the best." /
"Loving the new venue too. Perfect for socialising
in a proper bar atmosphere. Great to chat to everyone again - a really buzzy feel."
"The QS is a great new venue: the big bar area made it feel really sociable and relaxed, and let
everyone keep an eye on all the hotties - whilst there were plenty of playspaces to still have lots of fun"

"Amazing night at GEAR's relaunch Party - almost 100 guys in rubber, leather and other fetish gear."
"Was great to see so many people and meet old friends again." / "Thanks again for a horny fun night"
"You know it's been a fun evening when you don't want to get out of the gear and go to bed :) "
"Thanks GEAR" /
"The venue seems to work really well" / "It was better than some of the clubs in london"
"I was only there about an hour n half but it was still a great evening!" / "it had a real 'Dutch Bar' vibe"
"thought the venue was excellent last night" /
"Beer was good as well." / "it was a fantastic night"
"All your hard work and those of your team played off again. great evening thanks."
"it's great to see the monthly fetish night back!" /
"Well done James and all the dedicated team"
"Had a really nice evening, great to catch up with friends. Lots of nice gear too with a lot of rubber!"
"I'll look forward to next month's."
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"Thanks again for a great night roll on February" /
" Was a good night and a really amazing atmosphere :-) "
"I'll defo come along again - there were several 'jockaholics' there too, which is good news!"
"Just a quickie to say tks for the warm welcome last night - I really enjoyed it -
good venue, facilities and action!" /
"thank you once again for a great sun night!"
"there was the right number of blokes there to give it that 'party' feel!"