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Car parking info checked Jun 2015. Please confirm with hotel.
Hotels are listed by distance from the centre Locations on map.  
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Hotel (click name for website)

Advance / deal

Regular rate

Travelodge (Anchor Road)

Mitchell Lane:
adv £34 RO / £45 BB
flexible £48 RO / £59 BB

Flexible £48 RO / £59 BB

IBIS (Bristol Centre)
  twin room at same price

Advance £54 RO

Flexible £62 RO

Marriott Royal
  College Green

Advance £99 RO / £109 BB

Flexible £109 RO / £119 BB

Radisson Blu

Advance £71.20 RO

Unrestricted: £89 RO / £99 BB

Premier Inn (Haymarket)

Saver £32.50 RO

Flexible £46 RO

Holiday Inn (Centre)
  twin & king also available

Advance £63.95 RO

Flexible £74.95 RO

If you stayed nearer to Temple Meads when we were in Old Market venues, by all means stay at your previous hotel and taxi across town: around a fiver each way.
Or if you arrive at Bristol Temple Meads you can get an 8 or 9 bus to the Centre for £1.50.